Restraining Orders for Cellphone Records

Restraining Orders For Cellphone Records | Article | McKay Law

When a person first thinks of a restraining order, one would normally think of the document which prevents a specific criminal from entering a specified premise. However, there are many other uses of a restraining order.

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Section 680 give guidance to anyone attempting to use this provision. It is frequently used in family law cases in order to freeze bank accounts to prevent the opposing party from wasting resources.

In a day in age where people are constantly on their cell phone, chances are high that collisions occur because of texting while driving.

These cell phones automatically and routinely create and delete information as the cell phone is used. Even with a spoliation and preservation of evidence letter, valuable information is lost quickly. In addition, some cell phone providers will delete cell phone usage information on a yearly basis. In order to get the most accurate information, a restraining order can allow someone to retrieve this valuable information quickly, as to not have this information lost forever.

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