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Forensic Accident Investigator

Professional Forensic Accident Investigator of Personal Injury & Auto Accident Cases

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McKay Law specializes in plaintiff personal injury investigations to strengthen our cases. A thorough personal injury investigation almost always makes the difference between winning or losing your case. Our legal accident investigators are trained professionals (often law enforcement) who search out the facts that lead to the truth.

Our investigators are trained in techniques of fact-finding, accident reconstruction, and forensic procedure to assist our attorneys in achieving the desired result for our client. In personal injury cases, the investigator immediately takes steps to maintain evidence, documents the accident scene, locates valuable witnesses, interviews all parties involved in the accident, including first responders, and launches a professional investigation into the facts surrounding the accident. We ensure all witnesses who have factual knowledge regarding the claim are identified and interviewed. Our goal is to impartially find the facts that point toward the truth.

“Let a McKay Law qualified accident investigator & attorney determine true liability, not the insurance companies.”

It is important that you have experienced accident investigators working on your side. Legal forensic investigations require specific knowledge, experience, and skill in order to properly prepare a strategy. Our accident investigators have first-hand experience investigating accidents, interviewing witnesses, working closely with attorneys, and testifying in court. Our accident investigators have over 100 years of combined criminal and civil investigative experience. Our investigators have been involved in some of our country’s most high-profile cases. 

Whether you’re a victim of a slip and fall, or Car or Truck accident, a properly conducted accident investigation will provide important, detailed information about the accident location, and all vehicles and or parties involved in the accident. We will document what witnesses to the accident may recall and identify whether or not the parties in the matter have been involved in an inordinate amount of civil and/or criminal cases.

Forensic Accident Investigator

Our experience shows that police accident reports do not always accurately depict what actually occurred. We will use the latest technology to prepare diagrams of the accident, based on our investigative findings.​

As an example, McKay Law recently adopted new Drone technology to extend our firm’s expertise in car and truck wrecks providing our accident attorneys a new tool to fight insurance companies.

McKay Law Tx uses drone technology in accident investigations to improve how an insurance company and jury visualize a car or truck wreck and the accident scene.

McKay Law Founding Partner and Accident Attorney, Lindsey McKay, described the importance of this technology “When we talk about why expertise matters in car and truck wrecks, this is what we mean,” stated McKay. “Drones will extend, enhance and grow our accident investigation expertise. This expertise will be a major advantage for our clients in our battle to ensure they receive the insurance settlements they deserve.”

A precise aerial perspective that includes up-to-date maps, video, and images will enable McKay Law Group’s attorneys to recreate a highly accurate accident scene. Drones also allow the firm to reflect near real-time conditions at the time of the accident.

The new drone investigative technology will enhance the firm’s ability to visualize and interact with a scene to the benefit of their clients. And the firm will benefit by completing inspections and data collection in a fraction of the time of manual methods. Easy access to difficult-to-reach areas will also increase the safety of their employees.”

McKay added, “Drones offer our case team a birds-eye view of the accident location. This evidence enables us to recreate the scene with incredible accuracy, details, and near real-time conditions. This will allow our accident attorneys to tell a better client story that improves situational awareness and understanding of the wreck.

McKay Law also utilizes professional animations to obtain the best outcome for you in your case. McKay uses creative and accurate medical and reconstruction animations to communicate the facts in our cases. We bring the experience and talent necessary to quickly synthesize the details of your case to the Judge and Jury while creating compelling demonstrations. Our professional graphic artists provide animated and static illustrations that effectively communicate the facts of your case, ranging from complex medical topics to establishing clear negligence or liability.

Unlike some personal injury firms, we do not wait to investigate or create compelling presentations until we are absolutely sure we are going to trial. Instead, we do these things to ensure that our structured settlements are positively impacted by our unique ability to clearly and effectively communicate liability and/or damages. Having early powerful visuals integrated into our presentations creates impactful results in your case.

Forensic Accident Investigator

In many cases, it is impossible to encompass the sheer trauma and feeling of being involved in or witnessing a catastrophic injury event. As we accomplish in most of our cases, we were almost always able to shed light on the magnitude of the events involving a catastrophic accident or vehicle collision. The deafening silence after impact, the smoke billowing from the damaged engine, and a gravely injured person clinging to life. With the amazing help of our accident investigators and graphic artists specializing in animations and recreations, we were able to capture the life-saving measures that often follow such an accident or collision bringing the entire accident to life in a realistic and compelling portrayal.

About McKay Law Group

McKay Law Group is a Sulphur Springs, Texas-based personal injury law firm founded in 2020 with offices in Sulphur Springs, Tx & Dallas, Tx The firm’s attorneys specialize in helping those injured in a car or truck accident and can be reached by calling 903-Injured or 903-999-BOLD (2653), 24 hours a day.  

Clients frequently ask: the at-fault driver received a traffic citation, so why is the at-fault insurer accepting only 50% liability?

In most states, including Texas, percentages of liability can be argued and negotiated between insurance companies. When this occurs, insurance adjusters end up acting like investigators, judges, and juries, and that can be a recipe for disaster for a policyholder. Take charge of your case and act “Legally Bold” by utilizing a McKay Law qualified accident investigator and attorney to ensure you determine true liability. Our law enforcement-trained accident investigators have conducted accident investigations on behalf of litigation defense firms and insurance companies. 

Our comprehensive accident investigation into the slip and falls, motor vehicle/motorcycle/boating accidents, or product liability cases includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Obtaining a copy of the accident report
  • Accurately diagraming the accident scene
  • Obtaining and reviewing the autopsy report
  • Photographs of the accident scene, (still, video, and drone videos)
  • Media coverage
  • Vehicle title history
  • Vehicle/Equipment History (recalls, repairs, etc.)
  • Witness statements
  • Background investigation – plaintiff and/or defendant
  • Photographs of the vehicle
  • Personal Interviews
  • Event Data Recorder (EDR/Black Box) downloads

Mckay Law is eager to boldly fight and protect anyone who may be the victim of an Accident!

With so many moving parts, personal injury cases and other torts can become very complicated. It’s ultra-important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury firm to advocate for your rights. If you or a loved one has been injured in a personal injury accident, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Call us today or submit a free case review with McKay Law’s personal injury lawyer.

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