Bold People Are Fearless and Confident in Life

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines bold as fearless before danger. Bold people are fearless people. They take chances in spite of what other people think. Another word we could think of when understanding boldness is confidence. Bold people are confident in what they say and what they do.

If you want to be more bold in your life, here are 9 ways bold people are fearless.

Characteristics of a Bold Person

1. Bold people say “No”!

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to tell someone “no”. People around us can want a lot from us. Our time, our money, our attention, and a lot of other things.

Nonetheless, sometimes we have to be bold and tell people no. We have needs and desires that are just as important to be fulfilled as other peoples.

It’s a balance sometimes that we’re not always going to be perfect on, but if you ever feel you really need to be a little focused more on yourself, be fearless enough to tell someone “no”.

Those that don’t understand, won’t understand. Our true friends and loved ones will, and still choose to be there for us.

2. Bold people are decisive

We can hesitate a lot in life. Be crippled with doubts and uncertainty of whether to fully go through with an action or not.

Bold people choose to be decisive in their actions. Once they decide to do something, they do it. Whether what they do works out or not, they find a way to make the most of it.

Practice choosing to make your decisions decisively, and trusting you’ll find a way to make it work no matter what the outcome is.

3. Bold people are fully expressive

In fashion, many times when someone is wearing something bright and colorful, people think of it as a bold outfit. Some of the boldest people in our society are fully expressive in who they are.

The artists who paint large murals that fully express how they view the world. If you want to be more bold in life, be unafraid of expressing exactly who you are through what you wear, what you say, and how you act.

4. Bold people make plans

An idea that I thought of once, is that maybe sometimes we don’t plan as much in life because we’re unsure we’re going to be bold enough to stick to them.

Bold people make plans for their life, because they believe their going to follow through with them and create the reality they want.

Be bold in putting together a plan for how you’re going to get what you desire in life. You may not always stick to the script exactly the way you want but having the structure of a plan can help give you a foundation for building your future.

5. Bold people take action

It’s one thing to complain about what you don’t like about your life. It’s another thing to complain about what you don’t like and do nothing about it.

Bold people take action on the things that they’re not happy with in their life. They figure out whatever choices they could make, or whatever actions they can do to help change the situation.

Next time you think of something to complain about, think of an action you can take to fix that thing you’re complaining about.

Bold People Are Fearless and Confident in Life

6. Bold people are completely honest

Honesty is another trait that takes a lot of courage, which makes sense that this would reflect what bold people do.

Being honest with yourself is the first part of it. Acknowledging your flaws, recognizing your weaknesses, that takes true boldness to do.

Secondly, being honest with those in your life what you think and feel about them. I can think of circumstances in my own life where I had to tell people things that I knew they wouldn’t like.

Nonetheless, as a bold person, you have to be honest, otherwise you’re deceiving yourself and you’re deceiving others, which doesn’t ultimately lead to the happiest life.

7. Bold people stand by their convictions

Everyone has their own beliefs and ideologies. It’s when the times get tough to hold those beliefs, whether you stand by them or waver from them, that determines how bold you are.

Bold people will stand by their convictions even if there’s a crowd of people against them. By no means does this mean not being open to what others have to say and reconsidering your beliefs occasionally.

But whatever beliefs you settle into, don’t be so easily swayed by the crowd. Stand firm in your beliefs and trust yourself in believing your standing for what’s right.

8. Bold people expect the best

Pessimism and cynicism are quite easy to fall into this world. Sometimes it can seem reasonable and understandable given past disappointment.

Nonetheless, bold people choose to expect the best in spite of how disappointing the world can be. We’ve all heard the expression, it’s the people who are crazy enough to believe in their dreams that usually make them happen.

Be bold enough to believe the best can happen in your life. Doing that will allow you to be more aware of the potential opportunities that are lurking which can get you the best in life.

9. Bold people support people who need it

It takes a bold person to support the people in society that need the help of others most. Many people can sometimes sit by silently and just let misfortune continue to fall on certain groups around us.

Bold people stand up for others and give emotional or financial support to uplift people. Especially in these times, we all need to be bold in this way.

Bold People Are Fearless and Confident in Life

What is a bold person like?

A bold person is like a lot of us. They’re not always perfect, they have their own insecurities, and they have to work at being bold sometimes just like everyone else.

The difference is, a bold person has put in the work, and seen that when they choose to act bold, it can reap rewards.

Don’t let the failures of previous times where you acted bold limit you. Bold people didn’t. They kept pushing and believing, and eventually made things happen. We can too.

Is being bold a bad thing?

Being bold is only a bad thing when you’re not being deliberate. Lots of people think being bold involves being completely dangerous.

Acting without any thought and reasoning before making their choices. There’s a difference between being bold and being stupid.

Bold people take risks, but they do it in a smart way where it’s a win-win situation. A win in that if it works out, there’s a big reward, and a win that if it doesn’t, they have lot of lessons that can be learned which will help them do better in the future.

How do you become a bold person?

You become a bold person by practicing boldness in your life daily. Try being more expressive about who you are. Wake up expecting the best things to happen to you in your day.

All of the things listed, you can take moments in your day to try to reflect in your personality. The more you take steps in acting bold, the more you’ll become a bold person.

What are some bold actions?

There are lots of bold actions we could do every single day. If you’re single, maybe next time you see an attractive person somewhere, you can try being bold enough to walk up to them and start a conversation.

If there’s something you really want to try, but you’re not sure if you’re good enough to do it, take the bold action of just doing it. Taking bold actions in your life will help increase your confidence, and potentially help you find more happiness in life.

How to be bold at work

One of the best ways you can be bold at work is speaking your mind more. If you think you have a good idea, express it in the next office meeting.

If you disagree about an idea with your boss or work colleague, don’t be afraid to put it out there (respectfully of course).

Additionally, be bold enough to take on leadership roles. There are so many of us that could be good leaders at work and in life general, but we’re too shy or timid to give ourselves that chance.

You can step up and lead your next company’s project, and really show how much you can do in life if you’re just bold enough to believe you can do it.

Final thoughts on bold people

When I think of bold people in life, I think of so many history makers and world changers that existed throughout the ages of our existence.

They stuck to what they believed, they created a life that made them happy, and they became the best version of themselves.

Being bold isn’t easy, but living with boldness can help you discover your own inner strength, and allow you to have true happiness in life.

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